The Diagnostic Tool Launch X-431 Diagun

X-431 Diagun is a specially designed diagnostic tool for automotive technicians. Compact main unit, powerful diagnostic functions, fast and convenient update,universal connectors, make it the first choice for technicians. X-431 Diagun is the standard equipment for technicians.

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• Compact main unit -Standard equipment for technicians
• The only diagnostic tool which can work on two vehicles at the same time
• Bluetooth technology, wireless communication. 100 m bluetooth communication,Cable communication support
• Universal 16PIN connector
• Fully inherited diagnostic functions from X-431. Capable of nearly all domestic vehicle makes and Asian, European, American vehicle makes.
• Greatly improved program running speed
• More convenient software update
• 4.3 inch high luminance, high resolution color touch screen
• 1530mAh Rechargeable battary
• 1G memory card
• Standard USB printer connector, external printer support
• Full after sales service system, life time 1 to 1 service










Printer available in DIAGUN:

• LENNOVO: LJ2250/LJ2250N, P3900 Series
• BROTHER: P2150, 5200/6200 Series and MW-120,MW-140BT,MW-260 model.
• Others: Printers available that support PCL printing language.



Customers can store what they want to print in TF card as a form of picture. Then connect to PC and print it after testing. Install the patch of DIAGUN printer before printing (downloaded on X431 website).



For the battery performance, it is recommended to charge the battery fully before the first application.




• Operating System: WIN CE 5.0
• CPU: 400 MHz ARM9
• Memory Card: 1G TF Card
• Main Unit: Universal Serial Bus/USB
• Main Unit Power: DC5V
• X-431 Diagun Connector: DC12V/24V
• Printer Interface: USB
• Display Screen: 480X272, 4.3-inch LCD with touch screen
• Rechargeable Battery: 1450 mAh
• Bluetooth: theoretically 100m, suggest 15-20m
• Upgrading Interface: USB






Spare Parts:

Spare Parts
No.   PartCode   PartName
1   105020737   X-431 Diagun Test Cable
2   108040108   X-431 Diagun TF card reader
3   105020738   X-431 Diagun Printer USB Cable
4   107010856   X-431 Diagun User`s Manual
5   204010732   X-431 Diagun TF Card
6   201021673   X-431 Diagun Connector
7   201021783   X-431 Diagun Main Unit
8   Y102210077   X-431 Diagun Host Charger
9   105020736   X-431 Diagun USB Upgrade Cable
10   107020654   Private & confidential
11   Y203010454   OBDII-16 Prolongation Cable




Category Item Upload Date Download
1    Certificates X431 DIAGUN C-Part15C.jpg 2009-12-15 10:11:39 Download
2    Certificates X431 DIAGUN-Part15B.jpg 2009-12-15 10:11:40 Download
3    Certificates X431 DIAGUN-Part15C.jpg 2009-12-15 10:11:41 Download
4    Certificates Japan MIC certificate 206WWJUX… 2009-9-14 15:37:54 Download
5    Certificates CE.jpg 2009-12-15 10:11:37 Download
6    Certificates X431 DIAGUN C-Part15B.jpg 2009-12-15 10:11:38 Download
7    Certificates Japan MIC certificate 206WWJUX… 2009-9-14 15:37:52 Download
8    Certificates Japan MIC certificate 206WWJUX… 2009-9-14 15:37:53 Download
9    Certificates Japan MIC certificate 206WWJUX… 2009-9-14 15:37:53 Download
1    Certificates of Awar… honor.JPG 2009-8-7 8:46:56 Download















Demo Information:

Category Item Upload Date Download

Demo DV

get_video.flv 2008-10-30 10:34:48 Download





Related Manual:

Category Item Upload Date Download
1    User Manual X-431Diagun User's Manual.pdf 2009-7-22 9:10:33 Download
2    User Manual X-431Diagun User's Manual.pdf 2009-12-8 11:03:59 Download