Auto diagnostic tool Launch X-431 Tool 

X-431 Tool is a vehicle diagnostic device with color screen display and Bluetooth technology for garages especially designed by Launch. It features in anti-oil stain, anti-dust and it's shakeproof. Cabinet type with delamination design and unattached box can enhance usage efficiency greatly. It can directly be charged through the bottom interface of tool cabinet This device materializes humanization and it will be a good assistant for garages.

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• Creative design, highly efficient usage
• Bluetooth and wireless technology
• Color screen display, touch input
• With CAN BUS functio


Full-range Coverage:

50 vehicle manufactures with up to 148 electronic systems and 16 languages available: Mercedes, BMW, VW/Audi, Volvo, Fiat, Renault, Citroen, Opel, Honda, Toyota, Nissian, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Subaru, Chrysler, Suzuki, Holden, Ford(Australia), Ford(Europe), Hyundai, Kia, GM, Daewoo, Tata, Maruti, Proton, Produwa, OBDII/EOBD and EOBD2CAN.


Internet Online Update:

Users can update software for individual vehicle models of their own choice via the Internet as and when required. Over 400 upgrades are provided each year to keep pace with the latest vehicle models.


Open-platform Diagnosis:

Using an open-platform based on LINUX system and with the help of a SMARTBOX platform and various onboard diagnostic sockets, the scan tool can perform functions like reading Digital Trouble Code, erasing Digital Trouble Code, reading data stream tests on Enginges, Automatic Transmission, ABS, Airbags and Cruise Control. Other functions include actuation test, communication with computer, etc.



built-in printer with real-time printout of test data.


Wide Language Choice:

English, French, German, Russian, panish, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Polish, Chinese, Arabic, Hungary, Greek, Dutch, Turkish.


Data Stream in Waveform:

Display data stream in waveform.


Standard Ports:

Equipped with international standard ports for the connection with all vehicles.


PDA Functions:

The scan tool provides a whole list of distinctive functions including handwriting input, personal information management, language setting, bilingual dictionary, calculator and games, making it a useful tool as well as an excellent gadget for entertainment purpose.


Fast Access:

Offering 32-bit access due to the advanced hardware.


Bluetooth Technology:

Wireless communication between DIAGInfinite and main unit.


Color Touch Screen:

Large color touch screen and easy operation.



Equipped with CAN adapter to test auto model with CAN BUS.



• Strong test functions to cover most vehicle models in the world
• Compact and reliable adaptors
• Embedded operation systems and open-platform diagnosis to ensure effective diagnosis and PDA functions
• Easy operation and input on extra large color screen
• Multi-language choices for customers all over the world
• Mini printer for real-time printout
• Large memory compact flash card to store diagnosis result
• Wireless connection and data exchange based on Bluetooth technology
• Equipped with lithium battery to enable continuous operation for ten hours
• Simulate and test sensors with optional Sensorbox
• Test and analyze the condition of battery with optional Batterybox
• Interface with PC to store vehicles service record with optional X-431PCLINK
• Capable of testing vehicles with CAN BUS systems
• Capable of testing Volvo vehicles with the help of Volvo CAN adaptors



















Infinite X-431:

• The most powerful scan tool to make vehicle service easy
• Wide coverage--Cover almost all the vehicle models in the world;
• Keep abreast with the latest models--Accurate test, fast upgrade anywhere in the world;
• Best diagnostic scanner for Benz and  for BMW--148 Benz systems and coverage on 7 series for  BMW vehicles
• The best cost effectiveness--leadership from professionalism
• Best hardware--rewritable compact flash card, huge memory and mini printer
• Easy upgrade--Easy, professional and effective upgradel via the Internet
• Advanced technology--Stable performance showing advantages over similar scanners
• Largest R&D team--150 engineers engaged in R&D
• The largest R&D team working in R&D centers in German, Australia and Japan
• Reliable technology--already providing original equipment for over 20 vehicle manufacturers in the world
• First to release CAN BUS adaptors
• Market-leading CAN BUSl adaptors
• The only Volvo CAN BUS available in the market



• Operation system: LINUX
• CPU:32-bit
• CF card: 128M
• Main unit I/O: standard serial port
• Main unit power source: DC12V
• Main unit power: about 9W
• Screen: 240*320 color LCD touch screen with backlight
• Display: 240*320 color LCD touch screen with backlight
• Configuration: Main units,DIAGinfinite,minipriter
• Com. Distance: 25 meters
• DIAGinfinite power source: DC12V
• DIAGinfinite power: about 3W
• Operation temperature: -20°C~+70°Cn 



Did You Notice?

X-431 Tool is a vehicle diagnostic device with color screen display and Bluetooth technology for garages especially designed by Launch. 



Spare Parts:

No. PartCode PartName
102150010  Clipper fuse 
201021338  X-431 Tool Smartbox 
203010226  HONDA-3 Connector 
203010221  FORD-20 Connector 
Y203010235  DAIHATSU-4 Connector 
107010836  Quick Reference Guide 
203010247  TOYOTA-17 Connector 
203010237  DAEWOO-12 Connector 
203010224  BENZ-38 Connector 
10  Y203010268  NISSAN-14+16 Connector 
11  Y203010203  AUDI-4 Connector 
12  201021339  X-431 Tool Main Unit 
13  203010260  CHRYSLER-6 Connector 
14  203010209  GM/VAZ-12 Connector 
15  203010249  TOYOTA-22 Connector 
16  203010266  KIA-20 Connector 
17  203010206  COMBI-4 Connector 
18  203010416  SUBARU-9 Connector 
19  Y203010250  FORD-6+1 Connector 
20  203010215  SEDAN-3 Connector 
21  203010504  SMART OBDII-16E Connector 
22  Y203010223  BMW-20 Connector 
23  Y203010207  FIAT-3 Connector 
24  Y203010415  SSANGYONG-14 Connector 
25  Y203010417  BENZ-14 Connector 
26  Y203010208  GAZ-12 Connector 
27  Y203010431  X-431 Tool Main Cable 
28  Y203010242  Cigar Lighter Cable 
29  107010792  User`s Manual 
30  108040078  DEMO CD 
31  203010263  MAZDA-17 Connector 
32  203010447  SSANGYONG-20 Connector 
33  Y203010274  UNIVERSAL-3 Connector 
34  Y203010270  CLIPPER 
35  Y203010471  X-431 Tool Box Cable 
36  204010550  CF Card 
37  102150012  Lighter fuse 
38  102210031  Power Supply 
39  107020654  Private & confidential 
40  199010001  Printer Paper 
41  108040006  Card Reader 
42  203010269  MITSUBISHI/HYUNDAI-12+16 Connector