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Designed with preserving all the virtues of open-diagnostic-platform used on previous generation products, which is compatible with almost all vehicles made in Europe, America and Asia. Main function covers Read DTCs, Clear DTCs, Read live data and Read System information for Engine, A/T, SRS and ABS. Book-like Shape is more accordable with Ergonomics, and this makes it delicate, portable and strong expansibility.

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1. Good appearance, book-shape makes hand-hold convenient.
2. Touch screen makes display well and operation easy.
3. Hardware is designed according to International standard, that is compatible with all diagnostic interfaces in the world.
4. Wide coverage, almost all vehicles can be tested, including European, American and Asian cars.
5. High quality and quick upgrade, upgrading can be applied at any time and anywhere to keep up with latest models.
6. Particular mode of live data accessing makes data update more frequently.
7. Powerful function of live data display by graph, it makes you to view live data change trend easily and directly and to analyze live data conveniently.
7. High quality and quick upgrade, upgrading can be applied at any time and anywhere to keep up with latest models.
8. Perfect after service system satisfies customers in whole product life.




• Operation System: Linux
• CPU: 32-bit processor
• CF card: 512M
• Power: DC12V
• Screen: 240×320 LCD touch screen with backlight


Did You Notice?

Good appearance, book-shape makes hand-hold convenient. 



Spare Parts:

No. PartCode PartName
Y203010433  AUDI-16 K-L Converter 
102150012  Lighter fuse 
203010247  TOYOTA-17 Connctor 
203010224  BENZ-38 Connector 
203010218  TOYOTA-16 Connector 
203010275  SMART OBDII-16 Connector 
Y203010268  NISSAN-14+16 Connector 
Y203010207  FIAT-3 Connector 
Y203010229  Main Cable 
10  203010416  SUBARU-9 Connector 
11  301020278  CAN BUS II Connector 
12  201021594  AutoBook Main Unit 
13  203010266  KIA-20 Connector 
14  203010447  SSANGYONG-20 Connector 
15  Y203010203  AUDI-4 Connector 
16  Y203010417  BENZ-14 Connector 
17  Y203010270  CLIPPER 
18  107020654  Private & confidential 
19  203010249  TOYOTA-22 Connector 
20  Y203010415  SSANGYONG-14 Connector 
21  Y203010242  Cigar Lighter Cable 
22  204010665  CF Card 
23  102150010  Clipper fuse 
24  203010237  DAEWOO-12 Connector 
25  203010226  HONDA-3 Connector 
26  203010212  OBDII-16C Connector 
27  108040006  CF Card Reader 
28  107010842  User`s manual 
29  203010260  CHRYSLER-6 Connector 
30  203010263  MAZDA-17 Connector 
31  203010209  GM/VAZ-12 Connector 
32  Y203010223  BMW-20 Connector 
33  Y203010250  FORD-6+1 Connector 
34  203010222  BMW-16 Connector 
35  203010269  MITSUBISHI/HYUNDAI-12+16 Connector 
36  Y203010274  UNIVERSAL-3 Connector 












































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