Automobile Diagnostic Platform Launch X-431 Heavy-Duty

Including all the advantages of its predecessor, X-431 Heavy Duty is designed to cover heavy duty diesel vehicle models of 12V & 24V voltage. It features ergonomic design, compact structure, convenient use and strong expandability.

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• Compact and ergonomic design
• Professional & durable tool
• Covering heavy duty diesel vehicle models of 12V & 24V voltage
• No need for battery conversion when testing 24V trucks
• Support all the current X-431 software
• Covering a wide array of vehicle models
• Fast upgrading via the Internet to keep up with the latest vehicle models
• International design to adapt to all diagnostic sockets
• Including all the electronic control systems
• Unique data transfer to ensure fast operation
• Strong waveform display function
• Integrated connector to offer great performance
• Connection with PC to keep service records through optional X431 PCCENTER
• Multi-language choice
• Handwriting input on large touch screen
• Large compact flash memory for data storage


Launch X431 Heavy Duty Support:











• Operating system: Linux
• CPU: 32-bit
• CF Card: 512M
• Main I/O: Standard serial
• Power Supply: DC12V
• Power Consumption: Approx. 5W
• Screen: 320*240 color LCD with touch screen
• Configuration: Main unit, Diagnostic system & Built-in printer


The packing list of the Launch x431 heavy duty: 

1. x431 heavy duty main unit
2. Smart obdii-16
3. 0OBD 6 & 9 connector
4. OBD-6 diagnostic cable
5. OBD-9 diagnostic cable
6. iveco-30 pin cable
7 Benz -14
8. Diesel -16
9. WP-3
10. R16-OBD 1
11. Weite-16
12. Diesel-4
13. Xianmen Golden Dragon
14. Mitsubishi Hyundai -12+16
15. Nissan -14+16
16. Yi weike Nanjing-38
17. JCM-16
18. Fiat-3
19 Toyota-17
20. Main diagnostic cable
21. Clipper
22. Lighter
23. CF card
24. Fuse 5x20mm
25. Fuse 6x30mm
26 Printer Paper
27. Card Reader
28. Certificate
29. Manuel
30. CF card reader driver CD-COM
31. USB cable.


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