PS2 truck professional diagnostic tool 

It is professional truck diagnosing tool.

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Product data:


Product data:

European:VOLVO, SCANIA, MAN, MERCEDES BENZ, MACK, DAF,   IVECO, ERF, Astra, Bremach ,  Renault




1. diagram of PS2 mainframe appereance
A. Front-View Figure



B. Back- view Figure


C. the upward-side connection of the mainframe:

① Power switch: Uses for starting and closing of main engine
② USB connection: Uses this connection to carry on the data synchronization with PC.
③ VGA connection: Uses this connection to link the external monitor (800×600 pixels)
④ Main test connection: Uses the testing line to carry on the vehicles diagnosis.
⑤ power connection: Uses for the exterior power supply
⑥ touching pen: Uses in clicking on the touching-screen. 


D. the lower-side connection of the mainframe :


① serial port: Uses in the main body debugging.
② SD card slot: uses for SD card
③ paper outlet: use for mini printer

E.  Function of VCI diagnostic box:
The VCI box communicates with PS2 mainframe and vehicle. It is also called lower-position machine box. This diagnostic box has two connections: DB15 and OBD II. The testing line connects PS2 mainframe with DB15. The OBDII connection could link with the testing adapter (vehicle with OBDII adaptor could directly link with PS2 mainframe)
PS2 mainframe without main testing line also can do diagnosis as the bluetooth communication module has been installed inside the VCI diagnosis box. Please change the setting from “on-line diagnosis” to the “wireless diagnosis” on the menu if you are wondering to use it with wireless!  



2. PS2 technical parameters:

① operating system: WINCE 5.0 operating platforms
② CPU: SAMSUNG 32 bits processors, basic frequency is 400MHZ random memory: SDRAM 64M
③programming memory: FLASH 64M ,supports SD card slot-in and slot-out
④mainframe battery: rechargeable battery 3500m/Ah
⑤mainframe power supply: DC12V/24V
⑥mainframe power: 25W
⑦printer: Mini high-speed thermal sensitive printer
⑧screen: 8 inches real-color touch-screens, 800×600 with LED back-light
⑨relative humidity: <90%, temperature: -20-50℃
⑩wireless communication: 100m blue-tooth

3. Package parameters:
①machine composition: mainframe with SD card, touching pen, testing adapters, group of lines, SD card adaptor, operation manual and outside suitcase
②overall size: 305.2×215.2×85mm
③weight: 9.5KG





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It is professional truck diagnosing tool.