Launch TWC-502RMB Tyre Changer 220V/50Hz

TWC-502RMB is an improved product,is used for demounting, mounting and inflating tyres of small and medium vehicles. It features simple operation and high reliability. This model is equipped with right supplementary arm to facilitate operation and means of "bead blast" inflation. It can also be a great help in car repair garage and tyre dealers.

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• Robust design and safe structure, some parts made of patent material
• Pneumatic locking safe and reliable
• Tilting post (pneumatic control) very flexible
• The right supplementary arm facilitates tyre removal and mounting.
• Equipped with inflating gauge
• "Bead blast" inflation for special tyre.
• With reliable drive unit
• Optional accessories
• International standard



• Max. wheel diameter:1000mm
• Max. rim width:420mm
• Rim clamping diameter(inner):13″-23″
• Rim clamping diameter(outer):10″-20″
• Working pressure:8-10bar
• Bead breaker force:≥18000N
• Power supply:110V/220V/230V 50Hz/60Hz
• Power of motor:1.1kw
• RPM of turntable:6-8rpm
• Torque of turntable:1070Nm


Spare Parts:

No. PartCode PartName
201020202  Quick deflation valve assembly 
103160011  Air pressure regulator 
201021341  Gear reducer assembly 
102100101  Motor power switch 
201020847  Tilting column cylinder piston 
103160024  One-way throttle valve 
102990104  Motor 
201020835  Pedal assembly 
201021001  Bead breaker cylinder assembly 
10  Y103200295  Metal Mount/demount head 
11  104120025  cam body 
12  201020141  Metal Mount/demount head assembly 
13  103110031  cam spring sheet 
14  202020008  Rotary pneumatic valve assembly 
15  202020029  Locking handle units 
16  103160090  Bottum value 
17  Y104990077  Plastic Mount/demount head 
18  201020857  Inflating box 
19  103990019  Air Pressure Regulator, Gauge and Lubricator Assembly 
20  201010225  Mount/demount head base 
21  201020166  Lock cylinder assembly 
22  103160052  Five-way reversing value 
23  104130258  Y Sealing ring 28×20×5 
24  201011638  Tilting column cylinder piston 
25  306070016  Tyre lever 
26  104130247  Y Sealing ring 80×65×9 
27  104130255  V Vee belt A26 
28  202020007  Pentagamma valve units assembly 






























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 TWC-502RMB is an improved product,is used for demounting, mounting and inflating tyres of small and medium vehicles.