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TWC-581LMB is used for demounting, mounting and inflating tyres of small and medium vehicles. Mount/demount help device and quick-inflating device features simple operation and high reliability. In addition, it can also be a great help in car repair garage and tyre dealers.

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1.The equipment can be used for different purposes of demounting, mounting and inflating tyres.
2.The steel mount/demount is cast from excellent alloy material with special shape and durable performance. The supplied plastic mount/demount head with the equipment is made from special engineering plastic that has enough intensity and not damage the tyre and rim.
3.The two clamping cylinder ensures accurate central alignment, so that the wheels can be held tightly.
4.Pneumatically controlled tilting system saves the effort and time of the operation.
5.Moving up and down of the hexagonal column and locking of the horizontal arm is controlled by a button, which save operation time and make operation safe.
6.Human design of the mount/demount help greatly reduces work-intension of the operator, making tyre-mount and tyre-demount operations convenient and easy.
7.The quick-inflating device keeps tyre bead close to the rim tightly, avoiding over-long time inflation or difficult inflation when the gun inflator is used for the empty tyre.
8.The layout of the pedals gives convenience to the operating personnel.
9.The bead breaker shoe can be adjusted to match tyres with different widths.



• Working pressure: 8-10bar
• Max wheel width: 350mm
• Max wheel diameter:1067mm
• Rim clamping(Outer):11-24″ Power: 1.1Kw/0.75Kw
• Power supply: 110V/220V/380V
• Weight: 320Kg




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TWC-581LMB is used for demounting, mounting and inflating tyres of small and medium vehicles.