VEHICLE MONITORING MaxiRecorder™ Vehicle Monitor

Instant violation Alarms ideal for your family teen driver!
MaxiRecorder™ is a full-featured vehicle tracking and performance management system. With this device, vehicles can be easily monitored anytime and anywhere. MaxiRecorder's innovative technology is an easy, intuitive and powerful tool which helps you lower operating expenses by identifying waste and improving driving behaviors.

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Easy Installation

1. Find your car's DLC;
2. Plug in the vehicle monitor;
3. Drive your vehicle normally;
4. Install the software and connect the device;
5. Download trip data to your computer.


Ideal for:

1. Business owners;
2. Fleet managers;
3. Fuel economy concerned drivers;
4. Parents of teen drivers;
5. Auto enthusiasts and DIYers;
6. Service Technicians.


Records Vehicle Performance:

Get a quick snapshot of vehicle performance for any vehicle in your fleet with the MaxiRecorder's Vehicle Performance Report. This report eanbles you to view average speed, maximum speed, hard accelerations and decelerations, MPG, idle time, etc for any vehicle for a given time of period.


Performance Reports
From: 10/01/08 12:00:00PM To: 10/3/08 12:00:00PM
Vehicle Name: Toyota VIN: 2HGES16684H907941 Driver:Jack
Total Distance 102 miles 51 miles/day
AVG. Speed 68 mph N/A
Max.Speed 81 mph N/A
AVG. MPG 9.50 miles/gallon N/A
Total Fuel 10.74 gallon N/A
Total Engine Time 5.50 hours 11.46%
Total Moving Time 3.05 hours 6.35%
Total Over RPM 35 minutes 18.92%
Total Over Speed 30 minutes 16.22%
Total Excess Speed 5 minutes 2.70%
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Troubleshoots vehicle:

If the vehicle's check engine light (MIL) illuminates, you are able to:
• Read/clear DTCs
• Reset MIL
• View I/M readiness status
• View freeze frame data
• Retrieve VIN


Monitors driver performance:

MaxiRecorder™ Vehicle Monitor lets you set alarms for speed, acceleration, braking and monitor driver tendencies. It is ideal for managing fleets and training new drivers safe driving habits.


Saves money and time

• Help improve driving behaviors to save fuel.
• Reset your own MIL and drive to garage shop more informed.
• Accident log helps settle a disputed insurance claim.


Records vehicle performance

With MaxiRecorder™ Vehicle Monitor, you are able to monitor any 5 of 23 engine parameters:
• RPM 
• Throttle position
• Engine load
• Fuel pressure
• Fuel system status
• Short/long-term-fuel trim
• Battery voltage
• Timing advance
• Coolant temperature
• Air flow rate
• Intake air temperature
• Intake manifold pressure
• O2 sensor voltage




• MaxiRecorder device
• Fleet management software
• USB cable



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Instant violation Alarms ideal for your family teen driver! !