Launch X-631+T Wheel Aligner

The post and the LED screen real-time display function of X-631+T Wheel Aligner are the same with that of X-712 Wheel Aligner, and it's software functions are mostly the same with that of X-631/X-631+ Wheel Aligner. Compared with the other configurations of X-631 Wheel Aligner series product, X-631+T Wheel Aligner occupies smaller space, LED screen of the lateral beam can display the corresponding real-time data for the vehicle under test, and the information displayed on the screen can also be freely edited by user with the help of the specified software. These are main advantages of X-631+T Wheel Aligner.

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• Customized LED Display
• Ergonomic Clamp 10"-24"
• Based on X-631+



Item Range
• Front total toe-in ±40°
• Front toe-in ±20°
• Front camber ±8.0°
• Caster ±20°
• Kingpin Inclination ±20°
• Rear total toe-in ±40°
• Rear toe-in ±20°
• rear camber ±8.0°
• Thrust angle ±5.0°


Requirements on Surroundings:

• Ambient temperature: -10~50℃
• Relative humidity: ≤85%





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 These are main advantages of X-631+T Wheel Aligner.