Launch Wheel Balancer KWB-402

* Three programs for alloy rims
* Program to hide the weights behind the wheel spokes
* Manual input of values
* Indication of imbalance in convertible grams and ounces
* Locking wing nut for fast mounting and demounting wheel
* High reliability and precision up to 1g
* Incl. 4 cones, 2 adaptor rings, quick locking wing nut, measurement tool, weight pliers and calibration weight (100g).

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• Manual Data Input
• LED Display
• 30" Wheel Diameter



• Rim Diameter:10″~22″(254--558mm)
• Rim Width:1.5″~18″(38--457mm)
• Balancing precision:±2g
• Cycle time:7s
• Power supply:110V/220V/230V 50Hz/60Hz
• Motor Power:180W/370W
• RPM:240rpm
• Working noise:<70dB(A)
• Temperature:0~50℃
• Humidity:≤85%
• Max. Wheel Weigh:55kg
• Net Weight:145kg(116kg)



Spare Parts

No. PartCode PartName
103200297  The small size cone 
103200315  The middle size cone 
103200316  The big size cone 
103200304  The thread bar 
103200313  The huge size cone 
104010485  The locking wing nut 
104010311  The width measuring scale 
110040030  The clamp of installing the weight 
103990018  The 100 gramme weight 
10  103110038  The spring 
11  104010481  The hook 


















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 Three programs for alloy rims.